Naughty But Nice

Everything about Love Erotica is nice, but oh so naughty babbbyyyy!

Okay ladies, I am just going to get straight to it; no faffing, no messing, just straight up real talk. The Rocks Off RO 80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet Vibrator (click me) is an absolute must. Bonus points, it’s on Sale at the moment for £9.99! I’m sure if you ask Santa real nice, he will have one for you in his naughty sack. PS. Look how damn cute it issss!

“Believe it or not, this little badboy has given me the best 10 seconds of my life”.

If you want to feel your soul exit out of your vagina and back in through your eyes then this product is certainly the one for you. Not going to lie, I genuinely needed CPR after the first use because I forgot to breath the whole time. Also, I lost all feeling in my lower body and only felt little tingles for about 5 minutes after; so, I would suggest preparing yourself for this one.

“Have you had an accident that wasn’t your fault”

Maybe take a day off work? Take a personal day. Or say you have an emergency that can’t wait and you must go home immediately. Oh, and dont forget to dump your man, because this product is your man now.

Overall, I would say this is not for the faint hearted, or beginners out there, as the vibration levels are hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh – So high that it could probably do the job from about a metre away, no touching needed. The noise is quite loud; but, where can you find a good vibrator these days that are quiet? The packaging is very discrete, and it comes with one battery which seems to have lasted me a long time at the moment! Probably because every use is 10-30seconds long haha!

Hopefully, you will have read my previous review ‘Good Vibrations‘ on the ever so wonderful vibrating love egg, which is better enhanced with a bullet. This bullet. The two combined are unreal – the internal vibrations against the external vibrations *dribbles*, it’s a sensation that every girl must feel. Honestly, I’m quite worried that no man will be able to satisfy me now because Love Erotica has my heart. However, there is no harm in getting your sweet one involved in this action; I can guarantee they will loooooove the vibrations just as much you.

I will, however, leave you with one wise meme that proper tickled me…

“Remember to let Woody have a go now and then”

Love from a fellow Orgasm Enthusiast,

Manda x

Author: Manda
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