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As he sat behind the wheel, he could feel her eyes drifting across his face. He knew what she saw; his jaw tense, eyes staring with focus on the road ahead; and, further down, his knuckles turned white with the pressure of his grip on the steering wheel. Even further down he was sure she’d notice the result of watching her all night. He remembered the look of her doing something as mundane as rolling a blunt. The way her tongue worked across either side, leaving a glistening trail of saliva in its wake. The way her lips wrapped around it, pearling it. A soft groan escaped his lips thinking about that skilful tongue teasing his cock as he pushed into her mouth. He saw her eyes cut to him, and though his rational brain weakly protested for him to be embarrassed, all he could do was picture those eyes staring desperately up at him pleading to come. He gripped her thigh and silently rejoiced in her choice of skirts as opposed to pants. Wondering if she’d done it on purpose made his cock throb in his jeans, and he decided that if he would suffer for it that so would she. He began tracing small circles on her thigh, climbing higher and trying to keep an eye on the road while watching her start to squirm more urgently. “Hold still,” he said, although it came out as more of a growl. Before he could wonder if his tone was too harsh he saw her squirming stop and found her core drenched. A slight expletive escaped his mouth as he teased her opening. She was so eager to be a good little cock slut. He would make her his, and his only. Glancing over, he noticed that she was panting quite heavily now and trying not to move, but her hips were gyrating ever so slightly along with his movements. He quickly withdrew his hand and stilled her with a stern look. “Don’t. Move.” He said softly, menacingly. He placed his hand back on the steering wheel, his cock throbbing in his pants. They were maybe five minutes from his apartment, and he had to admit to himself it was going to be as hard for him to make it as it would be for her. He glanced at her, exposed and glistening but still as a statue. He smirked to himself. Well, maybe a little easier. As they pulled in the drive he eyed her, making sure she stayed where she was. He climbed out of the low seat and around to the other side. “Good girl. Let’s go,” he said, taking her hand and leading her towards the house. When they reached the door he pinned her against it, her wrists in one hand above her head while the other gripped her face lightly. Her eyes were cast down toward his lips, whether in respect or longing he had no idea. Perhaps a little of both, he pondered, taking his time trailing his fingers down her neck before gripping it firmly. He brought his mouth down onto hers, relishing in her gasp of pain followed by a moan of pleasure when he bit down on her bottom lip. He took the opening, exploring her tongue with his, stifling a groan of his own at the skilful and somehow still clumsy twirling of her smaller one. Then she took his bottom lip in her teeth and bit him back. Hard. His grip around her throat tightened as he pulled back and pinned her with a stern albeit surprised stare. Her eyes glimmered as she smirked at him. “Whoops,” she said, her voice hoarse from their kiss. He raised an unimpressed eyebrow at her even as all the remaining blood in his head rushed straight to his cock. The cheeky bitch. He released her wrists but kept his grip on her neck a moment longer. “Upstairs. Now,” he snapped, unlocking the door behind her. As she sashayed through it ahead of him, he smirked thinking of the beautiful shade of pink he was about to turn that bottom. He walked into the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water and downing it before pouring a second and trailing up the stairs. He walked into the closet and started undressing, taking the occasional glance at her waiting patiently by the door. She was stripped down to her panties, kneeling on a small cushion any visitors would assume was for their cat. He smirked at the thought of one of their neighbours coming for tea and finding that his wife was more apt to beg for attention at his feet than Mr. Meowgi. Down to his briefs, he walked over to where she sat and cupped her face in his hand, gently telling her to look at him. As her grey/blue eyes met him he saw the urgency of her desire.

🌸 She was so happy for the opportunity to gaze into his eyes, and yet all she was focused on was persuading him to take her right then and there. She’d been waiting all night, even choosing such a short skirt in the hopes that he might lose a little bit of his tightly wound control. She should have known it would only backfire. The thought of him being able to simply reach under her skirt and reach her core had been in the back of her mind for hours. After studying her for a moment, he used the soft hand on her chin to turn her face back toward the wall. She felt him behind her but wasn’t sure what he was doing until she felt the click of a collar around her throat. She couldn’t help the smile that came to her lips. He came around to face her, returning her smile before growing serious again and telling her “up.” With one finger in the loop around her throat, he guided her up and towards the bed, which he promptly pushed her over onto. She felt a sharp smack on her bottom followed by a soothing rub. She let out a surprised yelp but didn’t turn to look at him, knowing that the uninvited eye contact would earn her more than his hand. The thought made her want to turn and look more. “If you’re wondering,” he said, interrupting her mental debate as his hand came down once more on her bottom, “this is for teasing me all night.” She could hear his voice getting harsher, raspier. Whether from his hand, his voice, or the idea that her evil plan had worked, her pussy was soaked and aching for him to be inside her. When his hand came down for the last time, she couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips. He reached up and grabbed the back of her collar, choking her and forcing her to look at him. “I haven’t given you anything to moan about yet, you little slut. Would you like anything?” She nodded frantically within the radius of his grip. He smirked at her, releasing her for a moment. “On your knees. Here,” he said, pointing at a spot beside the bed. She grinned and was on the floor so fast, she heard him chuckle under his breath. She licked her lips as he brought his cock in front of her, close enough to tease her but not close enough for her to touch. “Go ahead,” he finally said, stepping just a bit closer. She took the opportunity immediately, tracing her tongue lightly across the head before taking him as far as she could in her mouth. His hands came up to tangle in her hair, and she bobbed her head up and down with his stern motions. Her tongue explored his cock, and she couldn’t help but groan at the look in his eyes as she worked her way up and down. She kept eye contact as she travelled lower, tracing lightly with her tongue along his balls and teasing the spot right behind them. He gripped her head, pulling her away before lifting her and returning her to the bed. With her face in the sheets and her ass in the air, the anticipation was making her crazy and she twerked her butt toward him. He laughed at her, smacking her ass a few times playfully. With no warning, he shoved the head of his cock inside her, slowly working his way to the base. “Jesus,” she heard him breathe behind her. She couldn’t move. She was paralyzed by the feel of his cock pushing into her, and she gripped him back with everything she had.

🌿 As he pushed slowly inside her, he could feel her right pussy pulling him in. He threw his head back for a moment and relished in the feel of her, in the look of her perched up so perfectly to be used by him. Once he was comfortably accommodated in her tight opening, he began fucking her harder, his cock twitching at the sight of her pink ass. He wound his fingers in her hair and pulled her face toward him, causing her to arch her back in a way that made his jaw clench. The look on her face was what made him crazy. She appeared like a wild thing that he had just barely tamed, and he knew that this was one time appearances rang true. Her face was flushed, her mouth open and gasping at the force or his thrusts, her eyes struggling to stay open as he pounded into her form behind. He pulled out suddenly, smirking at the bereft look on her face. “On your back,” he stated, and he could hear the hoarseness of his own voice. Reaching on the night table, he briefly told her to sit up before holding the glass to her lips while she drank. When he was satisfied that she would be hydrated he pinned her back down, kissing her slowly before trailing his mouth across her left arm, stopping at her wrist to fasten it to the restraints at the head of the bed. He followed the same pattern with her right, tightening them almost to the point of pain but not quite. Any marks she received would be from his hands alone. When he was finished he sat back for a moment, admiring her breasts exposed and heaving with her uneven breaths. He could tell she was waiting for him to touch her, but he denied the unspoken request for now. It was killing him to keep his hands off of her, but the longer he could stand it the better. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she was desperate for his touch, sensitive to any flick of his fingers or tongue against her skin. He took his time opening the lid to a trunk containing a few spare blankets, sheets, and whips. Pondering the contents for a moment, he withdrew a cat o’ nine tails from the box. He heard her sharp inhale, and his eyes cut to her. He raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

🦋 Her mouth seemed to slam shut at the look on his face, wetness dripping down her inner thigh. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth in anticipation, and she saw his eyes darken as they traced the movement. He walked over to her, trailing the fabric over her from ankles to collar bone before cracking it suddenly against her breasts. She gasped at the sharpness, but it was quickly replaced with a moan of pleasure when he finally placed his hand against her stinging flesh and soothed it, her nipples hardening to the point of aching. He brought the fabric of the whip down on the other side, this time following it with a second lash to her rib cage. She arched against the restraints, feeling his hand come behind her back in the space created and his mouth come down on the inflamed skin. She could barely keep her hips still as his lips and tongue continued their path further down her body. He bit at the skin in her hip, sucking until he marked her. She barely had time to appreciate it before his mouth came down on her clit, taking all her thoughts and control of her body along with it.

🐻 As he stroked her with his tongue, he marvelled at how wet she had become. He teased her opening, revelling in the look of her straining against her ties. His cock twitched at the tightness of her, forever amazed at how she managed to take all of him. Inserting two fingers into her and crooking them upwards, he felt her walls tighten against him. He stroked her clit with his tongue as he continued to finger her, withdrawing suddenly when he felt her legs begin to shake against his shoulders. “Not yet,” he said sternly. He took her hips in his hands, pushing inside her with more urgency than before. Rolling his hips into her, he heard the small gasps escaping her lips turn to frantic cries. “Come for me,” he said, moving his thumb in between them to rub her clit. Her pussy tightened around him, triggering his own release. She arched her back, pulling the restraints as far as they went. As her climax subsided, he gently rose from the bed and began undoing the chains around her feet first, and then her hands; pausing over her to kiss her deeply. She let out a contented sigh and turned over as he released her wrists, pulling him down with her. He chuckled and gathered her in his arms, drifting into a deep sleep.

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